Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yay for new adventures!

I've never sewn much. In fact the most I have done is a pillow or two only using a straight stitch. My sister and I have decided to make things from old t-shirts. This requires a lot of sewing. LOL Anyways, I got a cool new sewing machine and decided to try it out. I did a little tooth fairy pillow. It's not even perfectly square, but it's pretty close. When looking for more ideas I ran across another blog that showed a tutorial for making yoga pants out of a shirt. Well, within a couple of hrs I had found a shirt, cut it up and sewn together the pants. But I horribly messed them up and didn't have a seam ripper so I started the whole process over again. I found and cut up a whole new shirt. Sewed it all up. The right way this time! Then found a second shirt to use a little of and made the waist band. I was totally amazed that I had actually made a pair of capri length yoga pants, all by myself! And the total time was under two hrs from the beginning of the first one that I messed up to the end of the second one that turned out alright. I just messed up the measurements for the inseam a little.

Maybe I'll add a pic after I have the second one done. lol

I found the tutorial here: Kira's Sewing Projects.