Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Good News For A Change

We have had a good summer so far! We went down the Comal River, near San Antonio. The boys went to a baseball camp, we've been to the beach and to the pool. Me and Megan have been shopping. We've been to the Texas State Aquarium.

In other words, we have kept busy every day so far since the twins have been down! For those of you that don't know, I have twin step kids. One girl one boy. They are 6 months younger than my oldest son. So I have had my hands full, with four kids at our house. One week left! They've been here for two weeks already. Being pregnant makes this a harder feet than normal. LOL But we are loving it anyways.

On Tuesday we go for the 4D ultrasound. I get to take all of the kids with me too! We are all excited about that one.

I'll add a few pics, then I am off. We are going to a baseball game tonight. I need to get all the kids ready to go.

I like this one of the kids on the hammock.

The Boys looked great on the playground this day.

This is one of my favorite pics so far this summer.

He looks so sad, but cute. Isn't he?
This is a pic of what Kaleb has to wear every time he goes into the water now. If you read my last post you will understand why.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Have you ever had a dream and then it came true? I'm not talking about just thinking about something you really want, "dreaming." I am talking about really having a dream then a day or two later it comes true! At least the main event in the story....

The other night I had a dream that I was walking with Kaleb(my 3yr old). He ran way ahead of me and I thought it was OK because there were some people we knew ahead of me. Then in my dream there was a pool. Well, Kaleb jumped right in! The lady that was close to him jumped in and got him out before anything bad happened. But it scared the **** out of me! In all the excitement he threw up and as I walked away to get a water hose to wash him off with, I threw up too. Then I woke up. This was the day that I was going to my family reunion. Well one of my dogs decided to get sick that night all over the bathroom, where he sleeps. He does that sometimes for no reason because he has a very week stomach. Half way through cleaning it up I had to run to the other bathroom to throw up. I just thought what a weird coincidence, and continued on with my day. Later that day, at the reunion the kids followed an adult outside to go swimming. Kaleb decided to go with them. I thought it's OK, there's an adult with him. She will keep him from drowning. Little did I know.... He followed the big boys right into the pool! He was fully clothed, because we had already gone swimming about 30 minutes before that. So my cousin had to jump in after him. I was right behind them so I was there right after it all happened. As soon as that boy had me in his arms he asked if he could go play again! It didn't faze him a bit!!! Talk about a scary account!

It's enough to make me scared to dream anymore. Any ways last night I had another dream. I was talking to my mom while we were watching a show about c-sections. I was telling her how scarred I was about having to have one. Then later on in the dream my water broke. I just stood there terrified! It was way too soon for that. I am only 5 months along. Then I woke up. I really hope those "fortune telling" days are over! LOL I guess I will know within a couple of days.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

An Outlet of My Thoughts

I woke up early this morning thinking about an old friend of my moms, Marsha. I hadn't even thought about contacting her before this morning. I feel bad for forgetting. So this morning I called my grandpa to see if her number was in my moms address book. It wasn't though. And all of her calls had been erased from her phone. So I did a search on Google. But I couldn't find anything. So I called my grandpa back to see if I was spelling the last name right. Well, I wasn't! What do you know. So I re-searched for her and found her number and address of her work place. I guess she owns it, or at least runs it. So I called her there. I think that one day I want to talk to her more about my mom and dad. Marsha and her husband were real good friends of both of my parents. They were around when my dad died and I was just 2 yrs old. Marsha said that my mom had called her around Mother's Day weekend. She said she told her that she had cancer and had just found out. Knowing my mother, I'm sure she did tell her that. But also knowing my mom, I'm not sure weather to believe this to be true or not. She always told me and my sister different things about her health. Cancer was one of them at one time. But then she also denied it many times. So that brings up a whole new set of questions. What exactly did she have wrong with her? As soon as we are able to get the death certificate I will be going to get her medical records. But there is a 4-6 week waiting period for the certificate. And it's a 15 day process to get the records from the hospital. With as many times as she has been in there, there is sure to be a lot of pages. And at $1.35 per page I'm sure it's going to cost a lot. But that's OK. That's at least 1 1/2 months from now, if not two. I have been wanting to do that for a long time now anyways. I was just never able to.

One other thing that was kind of strange is that Marsha told me that she never agreed with what my mother did. I'm not sure what that means. I'm sure it has something to do with my mom and dad splitting up and probably something to do with him killing himself. So one day I may have to go visit her and have a long chat. I have always been very curious about that time in my life. I would love to know more about my dad too. And they were very close to him. I wonder if they have any pictures of my mom and dad? I am big on pictures. Especially old ones of family.

For My Mom

I had to shorten it just a bit. So the pictures go by much faster than they usually would. And the song Amazing Grace is no longer on there. I had to chose one song to cut off so that it would all fit. And the other two are just to perfect for my mother to loose. So this is it. This is the video slide show that I made in her honor. I miss her already!