Monday, June 9, 2008


Have you ever had a dream and then it came true? I'm not talking about just thinking about something you really want, "dreaming." I am talking about really having a dream then a day or two later it comes true! At least the main event in the story....

The other night I had a dream that I was walking with Kaleb(my 3yr old). He ran way ahead of me and I thought it was OK because there were some people we knew ahead of me. Then in my dream there was a pool. Well, Kaleb jumped right in! The lady that was close to him jumped in and got him out before anything bad happened. But it scared the **** out of me! In all the excitement he threw up and as I walked away to get a water hose to wash him off with, I threw up too. Then I woke up. This was the day that I was going to my family reunion. Well one of my dogs decided to get sick that night all over the bathroom, where he sleeps. He does that sometimes for no reason because he has a very week stomach. Half way through cleaning it up I had to run to the other bathroom to throw up. I just thought what a weird coincidence, and continued on with my day. Later that day, at the reunion the kids followed an adult outside to go swimming. Kaleb decided to go with them. I thought it's OK, there's an adult with him. She will keep him from drowning. Little did I know.... He followed the big boys right into the pool! He was fully clothed, because we had already gone swimming about 30 minutes before that. So my cousin had to jump in after him. I was right behind them so I was there right after it all happened. As soon as that boy had me in his arms he asked if he could go play again! It didn't faze him a bit!!! Talk about a scary account!

It's enough to make me scared to dream anymore. Any ways last night I had another dream. I was talking to my mom while we were watching a show about c-sections. I was telling her how scarred I was about having to have one. Then later on in the dream my water broke. I just stood there terrified! It was way too soon for that. I am only 5 months along. Then I woke up. I really hope those "fortune telling" days are over! LOL I guess I will know within a couple of days.

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