Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Good News For A Change

We have had a good summer so far! We went down the Comal River, near San Antonio. The boys went to a baseball camp, we've been to the beach and to the pool. Me and Megan have been shopping. We've been to the Texas State Aquarium.

In other words, we have kept busy every day so far since the twins have been down! For those of you that don't know, I have twin step kids. One girl one boy. They are 6 months younger than my oldest son. So I have had my hands full, with four kids at our house. One week left! They've been here for two weeks already. Being pregnant makes this a harder feet than normal. LOL But we are loving it anyways.

On Tuesday we go for the 4D ultrasound. I get to take all of the kids with me too! We are all excited about that one.

I'll add a few pics, then I am off. We are going to a baseball game tonight. I need to get all the kids ready to go.

I like this one of the kids on the hammock.

The Boys looked great on the playground this day.

This is one of my favorite pics so far this summer.

He looks so sad, but cute. Isn't he?
This is a pic of what Kaleb has to wear every time he goes into the water now. If you read my last post you will understand why.

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