Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I am getting so big this time! Well not me, but my belly is!!!
At least it's for a good cause.
Here is Keegan Blane. 28 weeks and one day. Everything looks great. I think he looks like Kaleb in the chin and like Christian in the eyes and nose. The sonographer said it looks like he has no hair. She said sometimes they can see hair if there's enough of it. Both my other boys had very thin hair. So there's still a chance that Keegan does too. We saw him yawn and change his expressions. Saw his hands and toes move too. It's so cute! There is one picture of his legs and feet. It looks like they are really big feet! He also liked to keep his feet up by his head. It's amazing how flexible they are in there!

I guess I could tell a little bit about the day we had. The kids were a hand full! They started off the day like that. So they were not on their best behavior for the ultrasound. But they still enjoyed it. The sonographer said they can sometimes see if there is any hair on the babies head. She saw none on Keegan. Doesn't surprise me though. Both my boys came out with very thin hair. So that could be why she didn't see any. He is already in position for birth! That doesn't surprise me either. Kaleb was like that for three months before he was born too. Keegan likes to keep his feet up close to his head. I wish she had gotten a picture of that. But she specifically tried not to. She wanted his hand by it instead. Which he did have them up there. But they were tucked away so she couldn't get a pic of them. It is an awesome experience! I wish these ultrasounds were covered by insurance though.

Kaleb kept on saying, "that my baby? My baby in yours tummy? Doctors get my baby out yours tummy?" I kept on having to tell him, not yet. He was pretty amazed by all this too.

BTW - Keegan looks like he has chin like Kaleb's, but looks more like Christin with the chubby cheeks.

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