Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting Ready!

I think I am almost ready for this baby to get here! I only need to get a few more things. I set up the crib last night. I finally got all of the stuff out of it and put clean sheets and all of the bedding on it. I love it! Dragons. It's not a very common theme, so I had to order the set online.

Here it is all set up.

And here's a pic of the blanket that I made for him. For all you crocheter's out there, this is the Diagonal Box Stitch. I have come to love doing it. It's very quick! I can't remember the yarn that I used. It was Bernat though. And it is soooo soft. I used my Jimbo Hook, it's a size H.

Any ways, back to my baby! I have everything but a car seat and stroller. DH wants to be here when we buy it, so I am waiting for him to get home on Monday. I have all of the things that I need for the hospital all piled up. I just need to put them in a bag. LOL I have 4 weeks till my due date. And I am hoping that I don't actually last that long! I guess we shall see.

The kids are getting excited! Christian likes to help me set things up. And Kaleb loves to pick things out. They are going to get New Big Brother Gifts on the day the baby comes. I got a digital camera for Christian. I am going to pick up a replacement wedding band for Jason. He lost his months ago! I picked out one that has 3 diamonds in it. It's pretty simple looking other than that. It's made out of a really strong metal too. Tungsten. It's supposed to be the strongest one available. It should be able to stand up to working in the oil field! I will pick up something for Kaleb. I'm not sure what yet. But he's easy to get for, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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