Friday, October 19, 2007

Cradle Purse

I finally figured out what else to make for the little girl! I made a cradle purse! I used a pattern that I already had, but I left off the ruffles and made a couple of little changes. I used Red Heart yarn in Purple and White. With a G hook. I put the hood on crooked. I guess I just counted wrong or something. But I'm sure a two year old little girl won't mind. I got the little doll from WalMart for a dollar!

I also made a blue mesh skull cap to go with the other one. I am going to give it to her Grandfather, who lives here. He will be going up there in a week or two to visit her.


Robin said...

Do you make these to sell? I'd love to be able to order one from you!! Let me know! My e-mail is: Cheers! Robin

Melissa said...

Thanks for the interest! You made my day.

I will contact the designer of the pattern and see if it's OK to sell the finished product. I'll let you know.

Lesalicious said...

Great work oh so cute.:)