Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Pictures This Time

I am working on a rectangular shawl for my MIL for Christmas, using Caron Simply Soft in chocolate. Sounds yummy doesn't it? I am using a pattern repeat from a baby blanket pattern that I have used a few times before. I just shortened it up and I am making it longer. So far, it's coming out nicely. I finished up the skein of yarn I was using last night, and went to get another one today. It should be done in a few days or so. Who knows, I may put it down for now to pick up another project. I am lost with only one project going at a time right now. You know how it is, us crocheters like to have at least a couple of projects going at any given time. But since Christmas is getting so close, I've been keeping it to only one project at a time. That way, I know I'll get it done. I have this shawl, an extra long stocking hat, a stuffed frog, and an ear flap hat of some kind to do still. Then I will be done with my must-do Christmas list. Everything I make after that is just an extra gift for some one to have. :) I think I can do that!

The stocking hat that I am going to do, will be my own pattern. I typed up the pattern that I will use. From there, I will make any adjustments that need to be made. Then I will type up a final pattern after all is said and done. I hope it works out like I want it to. I just need to come up with a good stripe pattern. I am using the same colors that I used for the Super Simple Scarf I made. I hope you don't think that I wrote up the pattern for this project before ever trying it out! Actually, It is just an adjustment to the stocking hat from a few posts back, that I gave to my youngest son. I thought it might be easier to make changes if I wrote it out first this time. Then I might be able to see where it is going wrong, and what I can do to make it right.

I took the pants for the doll that I am making to my grandmother today. I needed her to make them smaller to fit him right. But there is bad news there. :( She said her machine wouldn't be able to sew through the thicker material. I have a machine here at home (her old one), but I just don't think I can do it. I've never been able to sew a straight line! But I will at least try to. I guess we will see how it goes. And I still need to die the shirt for him, and hem it up as well. This was a much bigger project than I had anticipated! "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . ."

I am glad that I am at least getting some things made for Christmas, since I will not be able to buy any gifts untill about one week before! Long story, so I won't bore you with all of the details... But in short. My husband lost his job one week before Thanksgiving. He was supposed to still get one more full check, since he had two weeks vacation he hadn't used yet, and they still owed him some overtime. What he got instead, was not even a quarter of what it should be. He started his new job two weeks after he lost his old one. Not bad. But he won't get paid from them until, not this Friday, but next. It will be a huge one. So we will be able to get caught up on the bills and still buy gifts for the kids. But right now we are hurting! We are borrowing money just to get the things we need like groceries and gas for the car. But it will all be OK. We may even have one more huge check come right before Christmas. So I may be able to get hubby something as well. ;)

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