Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I haven't actually made anything in a while. Well it's been about a month now. I got Jimbo's hook in the mail on Saturday night! It's a beauty!!! So nice to work with and comfortable to hold. I went to JoAnn's on Sunday to get some pink yarn. I am going to make two blankets for some new born baby girls. I am searching for the perfect stitch! I would like to have a beautiful stitch to go with the beautiful hook that I am using. Some one from Crochetville recommended this pattern Crossed Ripple Preemie Afghan. But I'm not satisfied with it. Maybe I'm just not doing it right, or maybe it would look better in a different yarn. I was able to do it though, so that's a plus! I didn't think I could just from reading the pattern. Anyways I am off to look for a different pattern. I'll have to frog the few rows I got done but that's OK.
This is My Jimbo Hook!The picture just wouldn't come out right, so sorry about the quality.
It's tulip wood and has a kind of pinkish tint to it.
I just love it!

On another note, today is my 4th anniversary to my wonderful husband! We've had our ups and downs. But that's to be expected I guess. Especially when his father died, we lost a baby and we had a baby. All within the first couple of years. But life has been good in general. He got hired on with a new company today too. He is there right now filling out paper work and picking up his company truck. I love the fact that he can get those! It saves us a lot of money!!! Any ways, I look forward to many more wonderful and loving years!

We aren't really doing much to celebrate right now. But we have decided that we are going to book a cruse for the summer. We just have to decide which one! We are calling that our gift/honeymoon(since we never got one).


CraftyAshley said...

That hook is a beauty and congrats on your anniversary. Have a great day!

Laurah said...

Nice! Now you have a Jimbo hook all your own. You are lucky to have one.
A cruise sounds like fun! Warm weather or cold? I heard of those Alaska cruises, but it must be freezing!
Happy Anniversary!