Friday, November 23, 2007

Afgan For a Gift Exchange

At my aunts house, every Christmas we each buy a $25 dollar gift and put them in the middle all wrapped up. This year, I thought I would save money and make a lot of my gifts. HA! I didn't save any money here! I actually spent about that much on the yarn for this one. Of course I do have a lot of it left over now. Any ways, we all draw numbers to see who goes first. The first person chooses a gift. Then the second person gets to choose the first person's gift, or one from the middle. And the game continues... The only rules are that a gift can only be chosen three times. So who ever chooses it the third time, gets to keep it. It's a LOT of fun. Kind of like the "white elephant" game.

I used the Caron One Pounder in lace and exspresso, with an N hook. I used a V stitch and put three dcs at the end of each row. Then for the border, I dropped the lace color and just used the exspresso color. I sc all the way around. On the ends I used (sc, hdc, dc, htc, tc, htc, dc, hdc) all the way across. Then sc down the sides. It was supper easy! Which is what I like. And, it went supper fast!!! Which is also what I like. The total size is 4 1/2 feet wide by 6 feet long. Should be able to cover up a tall person on the couch, don't ya think?!

My two year old wouldn't let me take the pic without him in it. Then he told me "thank you" after I took it. He is so sweet, and cute.

Oh yea! I almost forgot to mention that My step-daughter finished her purse! We took it with us on the way to take my step-kids home. I asked her if she wanted to keep going, or if she would like to make it into a purse for herself. So she decided to make it into a purse! It is so soft, that she says it will remind her of Tinkerbell (our kitten). I forgot to take a picture of it before we left though. :( She did so much better on this one too. Oh well, maybe she will bring it down with her next time and I can get a pic then.

And get this! My oldest son decided to make a bed for the kitten now. So he is using two strand of some purple I had lying around. He decided to make it since she made the purse instead. The kitten has to have a bed, right? He is going much slower though. He only has enough patients to work on it for a little bit at a time. So I expect that it will take him a while.

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