Monday, April 7, 2008

Baseball Season Is Here!

My oldest son is playing little league this year. We put him in it when he was 5 but he just didn't have to patients for that yet. They put him as catcher for t-ball. LOL Like there is anything to do there! So he built sand piles and jumped in them. And when he was in the outfield, he just picked the grass and threw it in the air. LOL Well this time he is much more attentive. He is catching very well, throwing better, and batting with coach pitch! He's not the best, but he's catching up! His team won their scrimmage last week. They had their first game last Friday. They won that one too! So now his confidence is supper high.

Kaleb loves baseball now too. He just has to be like his big brother! So everyday he talks about playing baseball. I ended up getting him a glove and ball so he can catch like bubba. He is getting a t-ball stand for his birthday. Witch is coming up on the 20th! He's going to be 3 yrs old! My, my, my, where does time go?! Kaleb has also learned to ride his bike. He peddles, steers and breaks now.

Everything else is going great! I no longer have morning sickness so that's always nice. I started to feel the baby moving a few weeks ago. And as of yesterday I can officially feel it with my hand! Dh still won't touch though. He has the Alien fear. LOL Too many scary movies! What a sissy! I have still been neglecting my crochet work. :( I'll get back into it sometime though. I like it too much to stop forever.

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Laurah said...

Wonderful to hear that you and baby are fine. That's great that your sons are taking such an interest in baseball!