Saturday, April 26, 2008

1 on 1 time

I got to spend the day with my oldest son yesterday. We had a blast. And he must have said a million times that that was his best day ever! Enough to make me want to do it more often!!!

It all started when my husband got called into go to work. He was told that they needed him on a different rig out of town. It's a "sit down" job, so that means he stays in a trailer out on the rig untill they are done,, or untill they don't need him anymore. He is taking over someone else's job because they needed to take care of some things at home. What ever. So his mother decided to have lunch before he has to leave town since his birthday is on May 2nd. And he will not be here. At first our youngest son was saying that he wanted to see Papa Dean(my father-in-law) and Nana(my mother-in-law). Well Papa Dean had to be at work so it was just going to be us and Nana. He wasn't so happy about that, but still OK with it. We get there and Papa Dean shows up too! OMG!!! Kaleb was soooo happy! He sat on Papa Dean's Lap the whole time!When it came time to leave he told me, "Be go you" and pointed to my in-laws. This means he wants to go with Papa Dean and Nana. I tell him no, you have to go with mommy and daddy. You can go with Papa Dean and Nana tomorrow. The kids both stay over at their house every Saturday night. But he just kept saying "no, be go you," and pointing to them. So we all walk out together and he runs to Nana and holds her hand out to the car. We all went to look at her rental car. So when it was time to go he gave her a hug and wouldn't let go! It was like it was a life or death situation! He wanted to go with them so bad! I have never seen him want to go with anyone that badly before. It was actually pretty funny, I have to admit. Well, Papa Dean ended up giving in and taking Kaleb with him. He was just ever so happy!

So right after that I had to pick up Christian from school. Who, by the way, made the A honor role again this 6 weeks! We started off thinking that we would go practice throwing the ball at the park, then go for ice cream. But we had to go pick up my husbands meds before he went to work. And we were stuck waiting for them to sort out the details for 45 minutes! Ugh... And that's because I called it in the day before! Any ways, he changed his mind and wanted to go to a movie instead. My father-in-law, said that he was going to bring Kaleb back home at 8:00 pm that night since he had to go play music that night. So we ran out of time to go see a movie too! It was already 5:30 by the time we were finally able to leave the house. That's the time that daddy left for work to. So we ended up going to McDonald's for dinner. Mmm... *sarcasm added here* I hate McDonald's. Then we went to Target to exchange one of Kaleb's birthday gifts, that was a double. While we were there I told Christian that if he wanted to get a toy and settle for an icee instead of an ice cream we could do that. And, of course, he agreed. So he picked out an Iron Man toy. Then we came home and played 3 games of Yahtzee. He won every one of them, fair and square! That boy has the best luck on games. Just after that he was saying how much fun he had. And how we should do this more often! That just made my heart melt. He even said, but I know we can't get a new toy every time. So we should just have our special day more often. Aww... My father in-law called about that time and said that Kaleb had already fallen asleep so he could just stay there for the night. So Christina and I could have gone to the movies after all! But Christian didn't see it that way. His first thought was, cool, more time for me and you! So we ended up going to Hollywood Video and renting a couple of movies. Then going to Marble Slab next door and getting some ice cream. We picked out the Bad News Bears (the old one with Walter Matthau) and Benji, a classic. When we got home we popped some popcorn and watched Bad News Bears in my bed. Christian must have said this was the best day ever about 20 times! LOL I love that boy so much. And I was so glad that I was able to spend some time with him, and with out his little brother. He finally was able to get some much needed attention from me. Now I know I am going to have to do this more often!

Well, since my hubby is not going to be here for his birthday, that also means that he won't be here for the ultrasound that we are going to have that day! I had set it up for his birthday, and at a time we knew he could make it. Well that was for the job he was on. We didn't expect them to pull him off of this one to put him on another! Ugh... I hate the oil field! It's so unpredictable. Even when you think it is for the next few weeks or so! So I asked my mother-in-law to go with me since my hubby won't be there. I am so disappointed! We are hoping to find out what we are having then too! And he won't be here for that!!! Oh well, at least I don't have to go alone. And I can call him. At least he can know about it on his birthday.

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Laurah said...

Aw, that's so nice that you had some quality time with your son. The new baby will be a change for him too.