Monday, July 27, 2009

Warning... - Parenting Talk -

This is my post from a forum I visit. I just want to pass it on and let every one know about it as much as I can. Don't let this happen to your baby!

Warning... - Parenting Talk - "Last week we were at the beach. Which we do very often. Loaded up with plenty of sunscreen and some shade set up too. Any ways, my 10 month old baby boy always eats tons of sand out there. This time he found a half of a lime that my sister had used for her drink. He chewed on it the whole time we were out there. I thought it was great because it was keeping him from eating all that sand. A lime is bound to better than sand right? We went home after a few hrs and washed up and every one went to be a little early. All normal... Until the next day. My poor baby woke up with a red rash all around his face. Later that day it was on his chest and arm. Over night blisters came up on his face. By the time I got him to the Dr the second day, he had blisters on his chest and face. And the ones on his face were popping.

Apparently the combination of the citric acid in the lime and the sun produces a chemical reaction that can burn some people. I just want to clarify that none of us, including the baby, are allergic to limes or other citric fruits. I even got a small burn on my foot where the baby touched me.

If you really want to see what this burn looked like I am going to post a link. As I don't think I would want to see it with out being fully warned of what it is before hand. I just really want to spread the word out there so no more babies will get burned like this. It comes on pretty fast in my little guy. His blisters are already all popped and healing. Where as my food is still blistered up. So the time frame may vary according to how much exposure, and how much juice got on you.

I guess it's like how we add some lemon juice to our diapers to bleach them out. Or like some people put it on their hair to bleach it. Makes since by all means! Just didn't dawn on me I guess."

Here are the links to some pitures of his burns. Just incase you need to see what this can do.

Here is his face and chest.

Here you can see the big blister on his thumb.

Here is what it looked like yesterday. You can see the lines where it dripped down his arm.

And here is what it looks like today.

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Anonymous said...

wow! I would have NEVER thought! I hope he gets better- poor thing- could have happened to any parent so dont think your a bad mom over this!!! :-)

Brittany (from mums group)