Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long time no see

:) I'm happy to still be here though! Check out what I've been making for the past month or so on my other blog Lissa Lue Creations or on my Facebook page. The weather is cooling down so that means more hats! I have an order in for a hat and matching scarf too.

Any ways I thought I would post some paintings my kids have done. They are not recent at all. But I just found this one that my oldest son did when he was in first grade. It's an awesome piece of abstract art! I've seen a face, a nursing mother, and two people standing next to each other and hugging. I love that you can see different things in it! The next one is the one my middle son did last year when he was 4 yrs old. I think it's just as awesome! I see a forest in the fall.

There is something about a child's art that is so pure and innocent that makes me love it more than others. I walk into my living room and smile because I know my kids made the art that hangs on my walls. I love all kinds of children's art. But of course, like most, I like my kids the best.

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