Saturday, July 23, 2011

One on One

Some times the kids just need you all to their selves. Kaleb, being the middle child, seems to need it more often than anyone else. I told him Thursday night that he and I could get out of the house for a little bit, just us! But My husband had made plans to go to the beach. We all love the beach and always have fun there. But as soon as Kaleb found out that was the plan he insisted that he was not going. He was going with me, for "our day." So Daddy took the other kids to the beach and Kaleb and I spent the afternoon together!

We started our afternoon with lunch. We went to one of my new favorite places, the Urban Fare Cafe. I've been twice, but the place it's self is so inviting! Plus it's healthy food and great customer service. The first time we went there the owner brought the boys some cream puffs for free. That's one of my favorite deserts. mmm... They had already eaten so they were pretty much just along for the ride. lol This time when I walked in the lady taking my order recognized Kaleb from the last time! Aww... how sweet. I told her how he remembered the place by the cream puffs. And of course as he looked at the deserts available he pointed to the little chocolate cheese cake bites. YUM! I love cheese cake too. lol Any ways. As I was paying with the Living Social deal I got. I used the app from my phone. The guy looked at my phone and says, Buckler, where do I know that name from? Well, facebook of course. LOL He remembered my excitement about the new cucumber water they have available. I just found that kind of funny. Kaleb must have really enjoyed his pizza because he made a yummy sound every time he took a bite. ;) And I have to say that the Tai chicken wrap was pretty darn good too! I thanked the lady for recommending it to me. Anyways, two - for - two, they brought Kaleb some of those cream puffs again this time too! This time he shared one with me. And OMG they were really good! The cream inside was just right not to sweet and not too bland. And it was soft more like whipped cream than pudding(like I've usually had them). That's one lucky kid there!

I let him have the choice of either riding the surreys, or the paddle boats. And he chose the paddle boat since he hadn't done that before. I was proud of him though. He was so nervous about it! He didn't like the idea of such a small boat and being so close to the water. Either way we paid our $10 for half an hour and spent 15 minutes paddling my but off against the wind. The wind won. So I paddled a little more to go back to the doc and get off. Money well spent right there!

As we got off the Harbor Ferry had just landed and was about to cross the harbor again. So we took a ride over to North Beach. That was a boat Kaleb like better! We had to sit down until it took off. But as soon as it did he wanted to run downstairs and watch out the back of the boat! We watched a huge cargo ship leave the port as we stopped and waited. He seemed to like that part too. When we arived on North Beach we walked down to Dot'z, the ice cream shop. Hey, it's a really hot day, I deserved some ice cream after all that paddling! We took pictures in those boards that you stick your head through, and played hula hoop while there. Kaleb hadn't ever done it before. And now he wants to buy one for our house! lol Sounds like fun to me. :) He did pretty good for a 6 year olds first try. Then we walked back to the ferry doc and waited for it to land. This time it backed up to get out and going. Which made the waves splash the people in the back. Kaleb wanted to get splashed, so we did. It was refreshing. Sort of. About as refreshing as getting splashed with salt water can be. And that's how we ended our day.

I enjoyed every minute of it too. It was so nice to have him and not have the other kids picking on him. He's a pleasure to be around when he isn't screaming at them. ;)

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