Monday, July 25, 2011

I am such a water person

Perhaps it's becasue I am a Pisces?! When I can, I like to get out and watch the sunrise. I decided this time would be down town. I love the marina, even though on really hot summer afternoons/evening, it smells bad when the shrimpers come in. LOL But this early in the morning, it sure was nice!

I love the reflections on the water. I only wish I could have a better camera to take really nice pictures of them!

Any one want to buy me one? No, I didn't think so. But it didn't hurt to ask, did it?!

This is the same boat from the other picture, just in a different setting on my cheap camera. ;)

Here's my favorite pick from today!
I love the beach and a palm trees mean beach to me. :)

Sunsets on the bay are just as beautiful as they are out on the beach!

This was something new. I hadn't ever noticed this old pier. It's obviously no longer used. But the green mossy stuff all over makes it nice and colorful. And the bird was an added bonus, he didn't stay long though. I got a little to close for him.

Same pier, different settings and getting the sunrise in this one. ;) Bonus! A bird flew by just at the right moment. I love it when that happens!

I love the reflection in this one. Looks like it was painted on!

I found a bench with standing water on the seat. Yes, I did just say standing. Hehehe... 
Made for a really nice mirror though!

 And one last pick... the sun behind some more palm trees. These were just planted this year though, so they aren't as pretty as the other ones.

On a side note. I wish people were like palm trees, growing prettier with age! Wouldn't that be nice?

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