Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to the drawing board

Sometimes we expect to much of a person. Sometimes that person just can't (or won't) live up to that expectation. I can't keep expecting great things when great things just don't happen. So what do I do, I lower my expectations. When the person tells me they will do something great, I listen. I hope it's true. But I do not hold my breath. Oh, I used to! I just learned it easier not to. So now when he tells me he wants to have a picnic in a park down town, I automatically assume he's making empty gestures. But when he also tells our 6 year old they will spend time together I get MAD. You might get away with messing with me, but NOT with my children. And I don't care if they are your children too. You don't mess with a mommas baby boy... All I have to say is that if he does not carry that one out I know what I am getting him for Christmas.
If you need to know a little more about my reasoning behind a big metal animal, I would look to the Bloggess and her awesome post about bath towels and a big metal chickens. Seriously, a good read by the way! But I like the big metal donkey because it actually says "hey Jack Ass" in a not so subtle silence. HaHa...

In other news... I want a trade. I want a man who can support me and still want want to take me on walks and/or picnics on the sea wall or the beach. Nice long, childless walks by the water are romantic early in the morning, at sunset or any other time of the day or night really. So if time isn't an issue why can't it happen? It doesn't 'cost anything, unless you want it to.

And now on to your regularly scheduled procrastination... cause I know if you had something better to do than to read my blog posts you would be doing it.

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