Saturday, October 15, 2011


I'm ready to just be me.
I'm ready to love myself and my kids.
I'm ready to let go of the trash in my life.
I'm ready to not worry about the ones who don't matter.
I'm ready to let go of those that don't matter.
I'm ready to admit that there are some that don't matter.
I'm ready to go.

But I'm really scared to do it!


Angela Speaker said...

Hey, thought of visiting your blog today since I haven't in a while. I'm at this point too sigh. Terribly scared also.

Melissa said...

Hi Angela. It's so hard to be at that spot isn't it?! I don't do new years resolutions. But I can and WILL do a resolution. So mine is now to make myself happy And I think I am at my last straw, giving that one last chance for another person to be there with me. And if things don't change in the situation with that other person, then I will go. So I can be ME. *sigh...*