Friday, September 7, 2007

Christian's Tadpoles

We have had a lot of rain for the past couple of weeks. In front of our house, by the street, a frog laid some eggs. So we now have tadpoles by our curb. Christian really liked that, he liked watching them, and wanted to keep them. I told him no, of course. Instead we caught some and put them in a plastic container to watch them grow. As soon as they turn into frogs, we will let them go. It's a much safer way to let him watch his tadpoles grow! And he gets a little science education in the process. Got to love that!
When we came home from school yesterday, he noticed that the water was going away, so he asked me to add some water to them so they didn't die. He is such an animal lover. And, yes, we added water to our curb! LOL

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