Friday, September 7, 2007

My first post!!! ~ AC problems

Our window unit went out two days ago! First, it stopped blowing so well, then it just stopped cooling. You want to know what made this so funny. Well, first I should tell you that we live in my in-law's house. They let us move in when they got a new house. (Great people, but that's another story) So all of the AC units were already installed when we moved in. OK, now the funny part. In the back of the unit(outside) there is a place for the water to drip out. Well that place was plugged up! I guess when it was installed it came with a rubber stopper. They left it in when they put it in the window! Before, the water just found another place to exit. Then after around three years, it got filled with dirt and turned to gunk. Slimy gross, black gunk. Ewww... So the water had no where to go, and the front of the AC(inside) got wet and ewwy and clogged up too. So it just stopped working. My mother's friend came over to mow my yard(not for free) and ended up fixing my AC as well! Yeay!!! So now we are not melting in our house anymore. LOL

When it gets to be 96 degrees with a 106 heat-index, you really have to have all the window units on for it to stay cool inside the house. It was really hard for me to get up the nerve to crochet the baby blanket those two days!

So there's my first "blog". What do you think? One day I will get this all down, and hopefully be able to mkae it look real cool!

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