Wednesday, September 12, 2007

International Crochet Day is here!!!!

Today is International Crochet Day! So here is what I did to celebrate:

I invited my group to meet me at Barnes & Noble at 9:00 am this morning. I asked them all to bring in an item to donate to Driscoll Children's Hospital. I also challenged them to make the Naked Sheep, which is now the official Mascot for the day! Here it is, by Emily Miller. And BTW, thanks for the free pattern!

Well one person made the naked sheep to donate. She also added a small square of fleece for a blanket(it's not in the picture though). And one lady made a blanket. She hadn't finished it yet so she was working on it while we were there. And I made a baby hat. I had wanted to make a bunny blanket buddy and a naked sheep as well, but things have been busy around here and I ran out of time. :( I gathered the items that the ladies brought. We put little cards on them. On the front it promotes our group. And on the back it promotes International Crochet Day. I thought that was a good way of doing it!

Here is Sue's Naked Sheep!

Here is Sherry's Baby Blanket!

And here is my Baby Hat!

I had really hoped that more of the members of my group would participate. But one has moved away and one had school. The other's didn't even reply! I am really trying to make it easy for everyone to join in our fun here. But it proves to be a bit difficult. I even made sure to tell everyone that if they wanted to meet later just let me know! But no one did. I have 7 members on my myspace group and two more on my email list. That is a total of nine of us. I hope that one day it will grow in to a bigger group. But I just do what I can. So we shall see...

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Lesalicious said...

Hi. I seen you on Crochetville wanted to stop in to your blog love reading everyones blog. Love the blanket and hat ohhh and that sheep great job what child wouldn't love all of that. :) Also see you just started your blog will surely pop in to your blog and check you out. :) take care and keep on crocheting:)