Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank God for Clorox Wipes!

Today I was hooking away, when my husband calls. (He is out of state working) I am sitting on the couch and talking to him when I all of the sudden realize that Kaleb (my 2 year old) isn't climbing all over me and generally making it imposable for me to work on the preemie caps. In the middle of my husbands speech I blurt out, "where is Kaleb?!" At his point I don't see him in the living room so I get up realizing that he is probably into something he's not supposed to be getting into. The fist place I look is in the front room. (where there is everything that he isn't supposed to be in to!) There I see him! He is in the corner! Playing in the kitty litter!!! OMG There is kitty litter everywhere! With all of the dirty stuff that goes into the litter box! Ewwwwwww . . . So I am yelling into the phone by this time, "No Kaleb! Put that down! Eww Gross! That's dirty!" By this time I have scared the poor baby. So I calm down and say lets go take a bath. Poor hubby is still on the phone, unaware of the dirty mess he has just gotten into. Or maybe it is a good thing he wasn't here! LOL So I have to let him go and get the baby cleaned up. Thank God for Clorox Wipes! I had to wipe down every surface near that corner. Plus a couple more!

I can't wait untill they finish the home repairs so I can put things back where they go! Then I might have been able to prevent this from happening. The bad thing is, this isn't the first time it's happened! He did an even bigger mess at my in-laws house a few months ago. Their litter box in their bathroom. And the whole bathroom was covered in kitty litter!!! It's one of those big bath rooms too.

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